Our Services

Abbasi Transport has a deep rooted history in all modes of Transport services. The company was established well before the partition of India when our forefathers were delivering goods to and from Rawalpindi to Siri Nagar in Kashmir. Today the company is satisfying transportation needs of ‘Who is who’ of Pakistani Hospitality industry, Health sector and Schools. Some of our biggest clients include Marriott Hotels, Serena Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad etc.

Abbasi Transport vehicles are clearly recognizable because of their distinctive color scheme used on each of the buses. However the key aspects that set the company apart from other service providers are as follows:

List of our clients is always increasing which is testament to the fact that the company upholds its key values of Customer satisfaction with unending determination. To prove the point, it must be mentioned that not a single customer has reverted from Abbasi Transported to other service provider. We have been providing professional staff ferrying service to Marriot Hotel Islamabad for over 25 years, While Serena Hotel has a steadfast relationship with Abbasi Transport for over 10 years. The relationships and bonds that company makes only grow stronger with time. Our buses are travelling more than 3000 km/day moving over 2000 employees daily. Our extensive network of routes ferries customer staff from all corners of city making over 150 trips per day.
The company provides tailored transport solutions for:

Vehicle Specification
We have access to state of the art Hino buses with varying seating capacity including 52 seat capacity as well as 32 and 40 seat buses. The buses are kept in optimal condition by ensuring regular visits to a dedicated workshop. Besides buses Abbasi Transports also operates Toyota Hiace, Coasters and Suzuki Bolan (Carry) to meet varying demands of our valued customers. Specific vehicles driven by a responsible driver are provided for Female employees.

Goods & Logistics

As stated previously that Abbasi Transport started its operations delivering goods between Rawalpindi and Srinagar AJK. The company went through various cycles of business evolution between 1965 & 1995 during which we consolidated our presence as one of most professionally driven Goods Transport service in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. Today along with our affiliates we operate a vast network of dedicated goods forwarding agencies providing hauling services to industry and individuals alike. Our vehicles provide goods transport from the cities to the most remote parts of the country ensuring timely delivery. The company serves a diverse set of customers including Industry segments, NGOs, Petro chemical and Defense sector. The company prides itself in the fact that our vehicles were on the forefront of aid delivery to the remotest areas of Northern Pakistan during the earthquake of 2005.


I'd like to put on record my sincere appreciations for the efforts and hard work you put in during the month of December, especially during the critical days and unrest throughout the country. Despite all the hardships and difficulties which were encountered, your commitment and dedications was exemplary. This achievement is truly appreciate and i am very proud of you.

Mr. Khaled F. Helmy,
GM, Serena

Letter to Abbasi Travel management by Marriott Hotel. It is to certify that Abbasi Travel is providing services since 1988. During this time they have provided very efficient, trustworthy and continuous service. EVen during the strikes or whatsoever they were found very prompt and un-hesitant. We strongly recommend Abbasi Travel for any reputable organization as a transport Contractor.

Mr. Gardezi,
PM, Marriott