Welcome to Abbasi Travel Services!We are a progressive transport company and one of the leading travel services providers in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We are a part of a big community where our buses make more than 150 trips every day, covering more than 3000 km on congested roads of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and transporting in time more than 2000 people daily who provide various services to thousands of other people every day.

Abbasi Transport has a deep rooted history in all modes of Transport services. The company was established well before the partition of India when our forefathers were delivering goods to and from Rawalpindi to Siri Nagar in Kashmir.

Goods & Logistics

As stated previously that Abbasi Transport started its operations delivering goods between Rawalpindi and Srinagar AJK. The company went through various cycles of business evolution between 1965 & 1995.


I'd like to put on record my sincere appreciations for the efforts and hard work you put in during the month of December, especially during the critical days and unrest throughout the country. Despite all the hardships and difficulties which were encountered, your commitment and dedications was exemplary. This achievement is truly appreciate and i am very proud of you.

Mr. Khaled F. Helmy,
GM, Serena